Which? – Audio Branding


A-MNEMONIC were commissioned by agency and creative studio Brave Spark to produce a sonic logo as part of the new brand positioning for the organisation Which?.

Which? has been a trusted and recognised source of information in the UK for more than 65 years.  The brand’s rigorous research gets to the heart of consumer issues that matter, with 100% independent and completely impartial advice from industry experts. 




Brave Spark


Craig Brown


Advertising, Audio Branding

The Idea

Brave Spark had to rejuvenate the brand and seize the opportunity to leverage its relevance in today’s crazy economic times.

The campaign would be centred around a simple and powerful message ‘Get Answers’ encouraging people to get the answers they need for all of life’s questions… 

As part of this refresh, Brave Spark approached A-MNEMONIC to create a sonic logo that could be used across all their touchpoints.  A sonic logo that suggests a lightbulb moment.

Something with a sense of optimism. That lightbulb Eureka feeling.  It had to nail the campaign tone and be instantly recognisable as Which?


After several weeks of development and workshops, A-MNEMONNIC created a sound that represented a moment of clarity, an overwhelming feeling of ‘AHA’, a sense of relief that customers metaphorically feel after finding the answer to a consuming life question that’s been on their mind.

… And our sonic logo represents their sense of huge relief.

The Launch

With over +130 campaign deliverables across ATL and digital placements, the new Which? Sonic logo serves as a sign-off sound at the end of all their original content including podcasts, video content and every ad featuring audio.

Think TV, social AV, content, linear audio, dynamic audio, digital ads…

Getir Mnemonic

Getir ‘You’ve Got It’ – Audio Branding


Turkish rapid grocery delivery service Getir – founded in 2015, invented the idea of fast 10-minute delivery for customers who can order on their smartphone app.  Riders on electric bikes will speed to your home from a network of neighbourhood warehouses with essential groceries.

Phenomenal growth has seen it expand to 15 cities in the UK.  And now operating in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and now, Chicago, New York and Boston too.

London Agency Neverland produced some effective TV advertising.  Using music to great effect, the tv ads featured a quirky cast of believably real people singing.  Certainly catchy and memorable.






Craig Brown


Advertising, Audio Branding, Jingle

The Problem

In addition to the great music Agency Neverland were using within their advertising, Getir were conscious they needed a sound signature for the brand itself.  

Getir had an existing jingle, sung in Turkish, however it was too complex and not translatable for an ever-growing international audience.

The Solution

Production of a sung mnemonic, brand track and voice-over to be used globally.  It had to be instantly recognizable and singable by anyone. Easily hummed or whistled.  Easily translatable to any language. A universal message communicating the simple joy of delivery.  

It had to work within its advertising across multiple territories, and multiple platforms. And it had to be short. 3 seconds. 

Our sonic moment would often come after the line: “From door to door in minutes…”

The Strategy

Research shows Sonic logos that include the brand name are twice as effective at cementing brand association than those that do not.

59% correct attribution when the brand name was included.  29% without. 

The simple phrase “You’ve got it – Getir” encapsulated their offering.

Research into the melodic shapes of melodies in sonic branding shows these wave or arch shapes are very popular. And easy to remember. Indeed these melodic shapes are well used in younger-skewed pop music.

We also built in a strong rhythmic structure – also popular amongst younger consumers.

“Got” and “it” are one syllable each.

 “You’ve” is technically one syllable although will easily stretch to two, or more…  and have fun with that.

We experimented to discover the perfect universal sung mnemonic. We developed a few possible solutions focusing on the stretching of  “You – ou’ve”

The creative process

Our eclectic team of composers, singers and producers could now set to work exploring these ideas. 

Two weeks of workshop sessions culminated in a live 1-hour Zoom session with the agency, clients and founders, musicians and singers, to record the basic backing track and guide vocals.

A clear favourite mnemonic was approved.

Extensive voice casting and auditions followed.

The perfect characterful singer was selected and the final vocals were recorded.

The Final Result

An original and distinctive, fun and joyful sung mnemonic, exactly communicating the brand attributes.

Simple, flexible and adaptable enough for local markets to arrange if necessary. 

Multiple mixes for radio and tv. And, a longer-form 30”  ‘brand track’ which carries the same emotional DNA as the core mnemonic. 

Simple enough to accommodate a voice over, in any language.

Most importantly, engaging and attributable to the Getir brand.

The Guardian Podcasts – Audio Branding

Sonic Logos

Case Study

Despite being the leading commercial podcast publisher in the UK, The Guardian has only recently turned its attention to the task of branding their podcast offerings.

The marketing team at The Guardian sought help from A-MNEMONIC to create a suite of audio assets they could use across their podcasts – reflecting The Guardian’s core values and the concept of ‘diverse voices in conversation’. 

Besides creating a sonic identity for the suite of podcasts, A-MNEMONIC also had to search and cast five male and female voices that could veritably represent the sound of contemporary Britain.

The experimentation led the A-MNEMONIC team down different paths over the course of two intense weeks where a favourite idea emerged – The ‘Guardian Bounce’ – composed by A-MNEMONIC’s Adam Shaw. 

As one of the most trusted and respected outlets in the world, The Guardian’s audio branding had to clearly encompass the brand’s identity. What A-MNEMONIC did was create an original sonic umbrella, housing disparate podcasts under its cover, that artfully communicates The Guardian’s ethos in just a few impactful seconds.

“The idents have been brilliant on our editorial podcasts and we’ve already seen research to show that they’ve shifted the dial on attribution as intended” Robbie George – Senior Marketing Manager @ Guardian News & Media


The Guardian


Adam Shaw


Advertising, Audio Branding


‘Love Island’ Sonic Identity – ITV2

Opening Titles Music
Sonic Logo
End titles music

A-MNEMONIC were brought in by ITV to produce a music package for the reality show Love Island, including the theme tune, bumpers, promos and stings, through to the end credits.

The ask was for some music that had the essence of Ibiza’s dance scene, and the result was an edgy yet catchy set of music, produced by Andrei Basirov and Toby Jarvis at A-MNEMONIC.

The Production Team of Love Island won a BAFTA TV award for “Reality and constructed factual” in 2018.

Further to this, the Love Island Theme Tune has been remixed by iLL BLU and featured on the Ministry of Sound Pool Party 2018 album.  The album spent three weeks at Number 1 in the Official UK Dance Albums Chart.




Love Island


Andrei Basirov & Toby Jarvis


TV Shows

TalkTalk Sonic Branding

TalkTalk – Audio Branding

Case Study

Sonic Logo

A-MNEMONIC were invited by TalkTalk to create a Unique musical Sonic Identity for their Brand.

With the launch of their “For Everyone” campaign, TalkTalk found they needed a ‘unique sound identity’ for the brand, that highlighted great speed, a simple offering, easy to deal with – underpinned by the value of fairness.
With successes on the Sonic Branding for travel brand ABTA and TV show Love Island, A-MNEMONIC were the ideal choice to deliver a music package.

The TalkTalk brand was established in 2003 – with a history of using a vast back catalogue of music in their marketing – from “Something in the Air” by Thunderclap Newman, “Neon Rainbow” by The Box Tips, and their well-known sponsorship with The X Factor, the brand has always engaged with their audience through music.

After research into the brand’s history and brand proposition, A-MNEMONIC presented to TalkTalk their vision for the brand’s audio identity –
with the core idea of keying of the syllabic rhythms of ‘Fairer Broadband for Everyone’.

A-MNEMONIC headed into the studio briefing their team of composers to produce several full-length brand tracks, culminating in a related sonic logo. From the several routes on the table, two ideas emerged as potential favourites and placed into audio research/ testing held by Global.

Following testing, the clear winner was chosen for it’s unique, distinctive and memorable qualities – the sound of TalkTalk was born.

TalkTalk plan to use their new audio mnemonic across all media: TV, Radio, Video On Demand and across all the brand’s touchpoints.




The & Partnership


Adam Shaw


Advertising, Audio Branding


Just Eat Sponsorship

A-MNEMONIC have provided the music for the new sponsorship idents for food delivery service Just Eat.  The track is being used on various different idents across their latest campaign, that’s being aired all over Europe.


Just Eat

Composed by

Adrian Leung


Advertising, Audio branding


Pago FX – Audio Branding

A-MNEMONIC were brought in to develop the Sonic Branding for Santander’s new international transfer service PagoFX.  The sonic branding is used across all the PagoFX content – TV, Radio, Online, Events and Applications across the brand touchpoints.

A-MNEMONIC were briefed to create the PagoFX music theme, adaptable enough to be featured across seven different films. A music score was produced for each film to help portray the stories of each character. It also features a unique and recognisable PagoFX Sonic Logo that conveys the ‘ease of transfer.’




Gravity London


Toby Jarvis


Advertising, Audio Branding

‘Game of Talents’ Sonic Identity – ITV

A-MNEMONIC have produced the music package and theme for Game of Talents on ITV – a new TV series that combines the excitement of a talent show with all the fun of a game show.

Contestants try to discover the secret talents of the public for a chance to win a big money prize.

The series has been made for ITV by Thames – producers of Britain’s Got Talent and Supermarket Sweep – and will air every Saturday evening.

Each episode will see contestants team up with a celebrity favourite as the pairs work together to try and figure out the surprising and often bizarre hidden talents of eight mystery performers.  Game of Talents merges the excitement of a talent show with all the fun of a game show where viewers can play along at home.”


ITV / Thames TV


Game of Talents


Adam Shaw, Tim Clarke, & Toby Jarvis


TV, Audio Branding

I Can See Your Voice Theme

‘I Can See Your Voice’ Sonic Identity – BBC One

Sonic Logo
Montage of the Show

A-MNEMONIC have produced the music theme package for the new BBC One talent show “I Can See Your Voice.”

Paddy McGuinness hosts the mystery singing game show, in which contestants aided by a celebrity panel must spot good singers without hearing them.

The celebrity panel includes Jimmy Carr, Alison Hammond, Amanda Holden, plus a weekly ‘Guest’ celebrity.  They must help two contestants pick out the best singers, if they pick correctly, they could win up to £10,000.

Watch every Saturday evening on BBC One.


BBC One / Thames TV


I Can See Your Voice


Stuart Hancock & Toby Jarvis


TV, Audio Branding

bubu skincare music

bubu skincare – Sonic Identity

A-MNEMONIC were chosen as music partners, by Bubu, for the launch of their new skincare range.

Aimed at young women between 18-30, they had identified the need to connect with this audience using music as an emotional tool.

The social media launch would utilise various ‘pop’ style promos to communicate the brand emotions.

With our music branding work for TalkTalk, and TV show Love Island, A-MNEMONIC were tasked by Marriane Morrison, Founder of bubu, to help find the best solution.

It needed to have a recognisable sound, so people would know it was bubu, and similar recognisability and recall as the Love Island theme.  It had to be uncompromising, different and have an edge.  Bright, uplifting, confident, and credible. Pop.

Several vocalists were auditioned, in the end we were knocked out by soul singer Nina Carr who recorded the final vocals in Toronto.  Production took place in Toronto and finished in London at A-MNEMONIC’s studio in Lexington St.

The campaign is being rolled out digitally – currently launching with Pretty Little Thing before hitting other stores.  Some of the featured products include #feelingdirty – a pollution busting sheet mask, #stripitoff – an exfoliating sheet mask, #soakmewet – a hydrating sheet mask, and #youplucker – a lip pumping mask.

Follow bubu on social @believeinbubu


bubu skincare


Andrei Basirov


Advertising, Audio Branding, Songwriting