Getir ‘You’ve Got It’ – Audio Branding

The on-demand groceries business Getir identified that they needed a ‘sound for their brand.’  Along with their agency Neverland, they commissioned A-MNEMONIC to come up with a sung mnemonic.   They wanted a sound that would be ownable to Getir, something that people could sing, whistle, hum or mimic.

Getir is part of the UK’s fast-growing rapid delivery market, in which they aim to bring goods to customers in as little as 10 minutes.

Getir, founded in Turkey in 2015, operates in more than 50 cities in its home market, and has expanded over the past year into eight other countries, including the UK and US.

The company – whose name means “bring” in Turkish – offers customers a selection of about 2,000 grocery items, ordered online and delivered to their door within minutes at any time of day.

A-MNEMONIC went through various stages of brainstorming and creative workshops, working with various different composers, musicians and singers.  The final result was a sung mnemonic using their strapline ‘You’ve Got It Getir’.






Craig Brown


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