Turkish rapid grocery delivery service Getir – founded in 2015, invented the idea of fast 10-minute delivery for customers who can order on their smartphone app.  Riders on electric bikes will speed to your home from a network of neighbourhood warehouses with essential groceries.

Phenomenal growth has seen it expand to 15 cities in the UK.  And now operating in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and now, Chicago, New York and Boston too.

London Agency Neverland produced some effective TV advertising.  Using music to great effect, the tv ads featured a quirky cast of believably real people singing.  Certainly catchy and memorable.






Craig Brown


Advertising, Audio Branding, Jingle

The Problem

In addition to the great music Agency Neverland were using within their advertising, Getir were conscious they needed a sound signature for the brand itself.  

Getir had an existing jingle, sung in Turkish, however it was too complex and not translatable for an ever-growing international audience.

The Solution

Production of a sung mnemonic, brand track and voice-over to be used globally.  It had to be instantly recognizable and singable by anyone. Easily hummed or whistled.  Easily translatable to any language. A universal message communicating the simple joy of delivery.  

It had to work within its advertising across multiple territories, and multiple platforms. And it had to be short. 3 seconds. 

Our sonic moment would often come after the line: “From door to door in minutes…”

The Strategy

Research shows Sonic logos that include the brand name are twice as effective at cementing brand association than those that do not.

59% correct attribution when the brand name was included.  29% without. 

The simple phrase “You’ve got it – Getir” encapsulated their offering.

Research into the melodic shapes of melodies in sonic branding shows these wave or arch shapes are very popular. And easy to remember. Indeed these melodic shapes are well used in younger-skewed pop music.

We also built in a strong rhythmic structure – also popular amongst younger consumers.

“Got” and “it” are one syllable each.

 “You’ve” is technically one syllable although will easily stretch to two, or more…  and have fun with that.

We experimented to discover the perfect universal sung mnemonic. We developed a few possible solutions focusing on the stretching of  “You – ou’ve”

The creative process

Our eclectic team of composers, singers and producers could now set to work exploring these ideas. 

Two weeks of workshop sessions culminated in a live 1-hour Zoom session with the agency, clients and founders, musicians and singers, to record the basic backing track and guide vocals.

A clear favourite mnemonic was approved.

Extensive voice casting and auditions followed.

The perfect characterful singer was selected and the final vocals were recorded.

The Final Result

An original and distinctive, fun and joyful sung mnemonic, exactly communicating the brand attributes.

Sonic branding that is simple, flexible and adaptable enough for local markets to arrange if necessary. 

Multiple mixes for radio and tv. And, a longer-form 30”  ‘brand track’ which carries the same emotional DNA as the core mnemonic. 

Simple enough to accommodate a voice over, in any language.

Most importantly, engaging and attributable to the Getir brand.

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