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A-MNEMONIC were invited by TalkTalk to create their own unique sonic branding.

With the launch of their “For Everyone” campaign, TalkTalk found they needed a ‘unique sound identity’ for the brand, that highlighted great speed, a simple offering, easy to deal with – underpinned by the value of fairness.
With successes on the Sonic Branding for travel brand ABTA and TV show Love Island, A-MNEMONIC were the ideal choice to deliver a music package.

The TalkTalk brand was established in 2003 – with a history of using a vast back catalogue of music in their marketing – from “Something in the Air” by Thunderclap Newman, “Neon Rainbow” by The Box Tips, and their well-known sponsorship with The X Factor, the brand has always engaged with their audience through music.

After research into the brand’s history and brand proposition, A-MNEMONIC presented to TalkTalk their vision for the brand’s audio identity –
with the core idea of keying of the syllabic rhythms of ‘Fairer Broadband for Everyone’.

A-MNEMONIC headed into the studio briefing their team of composers to produce several full-length brand tracks, culminating in a related sonic logo. From the several routes on the table, two ideas emerged as potential favourites and placed into audio research/ testing held by Global.

Following testing, the clear winner was chosen for it’s unique, distinctive and memorable qualities – the sound of TalkTalk was born.

TalkTalk plan to use their new audio mnemonic across all media: TV, Radio, Video On Demand and across all the brand’s touchpoints.




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