Rob Beckett’s Smart TV – Sky Max

A-MNEMONIC is thrilled to unveil their latest project: the theme tune and musical identity for the exciting new show “Rob Beckett’s Smart TV” on Sky Max.  With composers Andrei Basirov and Toby Jarvis leading the charge, they have created a soundtrack that perfectly captures the show’s fast-paced energy and comedic charm.

In collaboration with Talkback Productions, a Fremantle label, renowned for hits like “Never Mind the Buzzcocks,” “Rob Beckett’s Smart TV” promises to be a lively celebration of television’s magic.  Hosted by the incomparable Rob Beckett and featuring the quick-witted banter of team captains Josh Widdicombe and Alison Hammond, the show guarantees viewers a whirlwind journey through the small screen’s most iconic moments.


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Andrei Basirov


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