A-MNEMONIC were commissioned by agency and creative studio Brave Spark to produce a sonic logo as part of the new brand positioning for the organisation Which?.

Which? has been a trusted and recognised source of information in the UK for more than 65 years.  The brand’s rigorous research gets to the heart of consumer issues that matter, with 100% independent and completely impartial advice from industry experts. 




Brave Spark


Craig Brown


Advertising, Audio Branding

The Idea

Brave Spark had to rejuvenate the brand and seize the opportunity to leverage its relevance in today’s crazy economic times.

The campaign would be centred around a simple and powerful message ‘Get Answers’ encouraging people to get the answers they need for all of life’s questions… 

As part of this refresh, Brave Spark approached A-MNEMONIC to create a sonic logo as part of a new sonic branding identity that could be used across all their touchpoints.  A sonic logo that suggests a lightbulb moment.

Something with a sense of optimism. That lightbulb Eureka feeling.  It had to nail the campaign tone and be instantly recognisable as Which?


After several weeks of development and workshops, A-MNEMONNIC created a sound that represented a moment of clarity, an overwhelming feeling of ‘AHA’, a sense of relief that customers metaphorically feel after finding the answer to a consuming life question that’s been on their mind.

… And our sonic logo represents their sense of huge relief.

The Launch

With over +130 campaign deliverables across ATL and digital placements, the new Which? Sonic logo serves as a sign-off sound at the end of all their original content including podcasts, video content and every ad featuring audio.

Think TV, social AV, content, linear audio, dynamic audio, digital ads…

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