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Despite being the leading commercial podcast publisher in the UK, The Guardian has only recently turned its attention to the task of branding their podcast offerings.

The marketing team at The Guardian sought help from A-MNEMONIC to create a suite of audio assets they could use across their podcasts – reflecting The Guardian’s core values and the concept of ‘diverse voices in conversation’. 

Besides creating the sonic branding for the suite of podcasts, A-MNEMONIC also had to search and cast five male and female voices that could veritably represent the sound of contemporary Britain.

The experimentation led the A-MNEMONIC team down different paths over the course of two intense weeks where a favourite idea emerged – The ‘Guardian Bounce’ – composed by A-MNEMONIC’s Adam Shaw. 

As one of the most trusted and respected outlets in the world, The Guardian’s audio branding had to clearly encompass the brand’s identity. What A-MNEMONIC did was create an original sonic umbrella, housing disparate podcasts under its cover, that artfully communicates The Guardian’s ethos in just a few impactful seconds.

“The idents have been brilliant on our editorial podcasts and we’ve already seen research to show that they’ve shifted the dial on attribution as intended” Robbie George – Senior Marketing Manager @ Guardian News & Media


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