London based Advertising Agency Havas commissioned A-MNEMONIC to produce the soundtrack for their Optrex ‘Screen Eyes’ Advertising Campaign.

Black Mirror director Owen Harris was behind the surreal TV ad, set in a Utopian world where people developed eyes the shape of Smartphone screens.  The commercial raises awareness of “screen eyes”-  a dry feeling in your eyes that can occur from looking at screens for a long period of time.

The Result:

A-MNEMONIC produced a soundtrack that enhanced the atmosphere of the ScreenEyes world, something that was slightly warped. A bed of sound that draws you in and builds the tension…That highlights the problem, and then
releases itself with a positive change as the product is applied and the problem solved.


Optrex Actimist


Havas London


Pete Diggins & Toby Jarvis



Pago FX by Santander
I Literally Just Told You - Channel 4