Frubes ‘Try ’em Frozen’

Publicis London asked A-MNEMONIC to write a playful track on their Advertising campaign for Frubes.

An amusing little film created by Aardman Animations shows two characters, animated yogurts, fishing on a frozen ocean. One tries to freeze the other by sawing a hole in the ice, only to end up falling in the water and freezing himself.

A-MNEMONIC’s composer Joseph Alexander produced a light, simple, and playful little disco track that complimented the naughty behaviour taking place
between the two characters.

Aardman created the Try Me Frozen campaign to promote freezing the children’s yogurt to make ice lollies. It’s a self-contained story, complete with a twist, a joke and a punchline, told front to back in under 20 seconds. It’s charming. It’s funny. It’s silly. It’s everything Aardman does best.




Publicis London


Joseph Alexander



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