Gillette ‘Shave Fearless’

Advertising Agency Grey London asked A-MNEMONIC to compose a psychedelic rock track on their TV campaign for the new Vector Razor.

It needed to sound like a Vietnamese martial arts and cult action film from the ‘70’s, to enhance the drama happening on screen.  The action-packed spot, set in modern-day Bankok, features an acrobatic window cleaner, who abseils and swings on ropes outside of the 30th floor of a skyscraper – whilst giving his face a clean shave in the mirrored glass.

A-MNEMONIC hit the studio, experimenting with all kinds of retro instruments and sounds of 70’s.  Composer and Music Producer Paul Housden ended up writing a funky soundtrack – with plenty of energy, plenty of drama, plenty of swagger, and a bit tongue in cheek.




Grey London


Paul Housden



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