Gears Ink

A-MNEMONIC have produced the sound design on the Gears Ink branding – a tatoo event to celebrate the release of the sixth instalment of the Gears Xbox game Gears of War series on Xbox.
Tattoos are a long-held tradition in the Gears of War world; from the famous Marcus Fenix tattoo in the game world, to the thousands of Crimson Omens, Lancers and COG tags out in the real world.

Even more remarkable than the tattoos are “the stories they tell”; of devotion not just to the game but to family, friendships, memories and even marriages of people who met while playing online.  To honour their fans and celebrating the launch of Gears 5,  Xbox celebrated that by bringing Gears Ink to their fans in cities throughout the world.

Each Gears Ink event featured some of the world’s greatest tattoo artists creating bespoke tattoos for some of the world’s biggest Gears fans, inspired by the Gears universe, their own unique style and culture of each location.


Gears Ink


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