Charlie Banana

A-MNEMONIC created the music and sound design on this beautiful commercial for Charlie Banana. With music composed by Stuart Hancock, and Sound Design by Toby Jarvis.

A-MNEMONIC teamed up with NERD Productions London and USA-based Agency Curiosity, to bring to life Charlie Banana’s mission of making the world a better place for future generations and to celebrate motherhood and all-around sweetness.
NERD Productions animation director Hayley Morris produced the stunning stop-motion film for eco-conscious baby brand Charlie Banana. The film tells a heart-warming story of a mother bonding with her newborn baby while pledging to take action to create and protect the future of our planet, our home.
The film mixes two marvelous animation techniques; stop-frame and hand-drawn animation to develop the whimsical online commercial. The beautifully crafted piece walks us through what it takes to make a better world for future generations and celebrates motherhood and all-around sweetness.


Charlie Banana




Nerd Productions


Stuart Hancock

Sound Designer

Toby Jarvis



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