Change Your Tune – ITV1

ITV commisioned A-MNEMONIC to write a theme tune for their musical gameshow Change Your Tune.

The show featured some of the country’s WORST singers who all hoped to ‘change their tune’ and win an amazing cash prize.

In each episode, five truly terrible singers performed a classic song for a live studio audience.
After each ear-splitting performance a curtain fell and the singer underwent weeks of training to try and improve their voice.
Their transformation was revealed to the audience in an instant as the curtain rose again and they sang to try and win the show. The most improved contestant in each episode won a £10,000 cash prize.

Andrei Basirov and Toby Jarvis from A-MNEMONIC hit the studio and produced an exciting and uplifting tune that contained vocals from Kaia McTernan and Nicholas Alexander.




Change Your Tune


Andrei Basirov & Toby Jarvis


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