bubu skincare

A-MNEMONIC were chosen as music partners, by Bubu, to create the sonic branding for the launch of their new skincare range.

Aimed at young women between 18-30, they had identified the need to connect with this audience using music as an emotional tool.

The social media launch would utilise various ‘pop’ style promos to communicate the brand emotions.

With our music branding work for TalkTalk, and TV show Love Island, A-MNEMONIC were tasked by Marriane Morrison, Founder of bubu, to help find the best solution.

It needed to have a recognisable sound, so people would know it was bubu, and similar recognisability and recall as the Love Island theme.  It had to be uncompromising, different and have an edge.  Bright, uplifting, confident, and credible. Pop.

Several vocalists were auditioned, in the end we were knocked out by soul singer Nina Carr who recorded the final vocals in Toronto.  Production took place in Toronto and finished in London at A-MNEMONIC’s studio in Lexington St.

The campaign is being rolled out digitally – currently launching with Pretty Little Thing before hitting other stores.  Some of the featured products include #feelingdirty – a pollution busting sheet mask, #stripitoff – an exfoliating sheet mask, #soakmewet – a hydrating sheet mask, and #youplucker – a lip pumping mask.

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bubu skincare


Andrei Basirov


Advertising, Audio Branding, Songwriting

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