Toby Jarvis

A-MNEMONIC Music’s Toby Jarvis discusses some helpful tips to formulate the perfect music brief

A senior creative confided in me the other day – he didn’t like briefing music, didn’t feel he could talk about music and wished he could ‘brief music better’.

I was somewhat taken aback. Over the three or four projects we had previously worked on together I had never detected any lack of confidence with music briefing.

He expanded: “Oh I really hate dealing with music. I don’t have the language or the experience or the skills to talk about music. I’m intimidated and at sea with the whole prospect of thinking about music, I don’t have the vocabulary and quite happy to pass it on to someone else to deal with!”

It doesn’t have to be like this – briefing music can be good fun and an exciting part of the process. A little bit of forethought with the music can be a fantastic opportunity to be really creative and brave, creating an amazing piece of music that people will remember and become part of the DNA of your ad/film/TV show/experience.


A-MNEMONIC has written the music theme for the singing talent (and talentless) TV show Change Your Tune on ITV – hosted by Baz Ashmawy.

The show features five dazzlingly terrible singers who give a raw, untrained performance. They then undergo weeks of vigorous vocal coaching, returning to the stage apparently seconds later, so the viewers will get to see the transformations from awful singer to a polished performer in an instant. Or in some cases not.

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