The Sonic Branding Report 2023

The A-MNEMONIC sonic branding report 2023.


The A-MNEMONIC Sonic Branding Report – an academic analysis of the latest thinking, ideas, stats and arguments related to audio and music branding.

It’s aimed at anyone working for brands, agencies, advertisers, marketers and strategists alike.  Particularly those who find talking about, or quantifying their use of music perplexing.

We break dense, often-inaccessible scholarship down into manageable chunks and discuss them informally.  Second, we build on existing scholarship alongside recent data in order to make our own suggestions about where sonic branding may be heading next…

It’s exclusively available for advertisers, brands, and broadcasters only.


Audio & Music Branding

A-MNEMONIC are an audio branding agency based in London.  We specialise in creating meaningful emotional links between brands and their consumers – using music, sound and creativity.
Our expertise is founded on long-term experience in producing memorable, iconic sonic identities for broadcasters and advertisers around the world.

Attribution tool for audio branding

Our “Attribute Mapper” powered by SoundOut is a data-driven audience insight tool. It enables dynamic emotional mapping of any given brand attributes to any music.  This can be helpful when starting to think about brand sound.
Over 5 million inputs from 500,000+ consumers on 200 different attributes. Collected and benchmarked against hundreds of commercial hit records and brand mnemonics. By using advanced data science and machine learning we can now measure the interrelated correlations between each and every attribute in the context of music.

  • If you find it difficult talking about music or imagining what your brand ‘sound’ might be…
  • Or, if you need to benchmark your brand’s attributes against 1000s of existing hit commercial records…
  • Or, if you need a clear, data-driven music plan which eliminates subjectivity…
  • If yes to any of the above, this is for you.
Book a demo and find out what your brand could sound like, how audio branding works, or to see if your current brand audio matches your brand DNA.
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The power of audio branding.

We don’t always realise it’s happening, but sound has a huge impact on how we interact with the world.

Second only to smell, sound is the most powerful sensory experience in human beings.  It evokes emotion and triggers recall on a subconscious level.  This is why audio branding is so important in brand attribution.

Brands with music that fits their brand identity are 96% more likely to be recalled than those with non-fit music, or no music at all.

Sonic branding agency mapper

Where science meets creativity.

Guided by the principles of music psychology and sound design, using our “Attribute Visualiser and Mapper” tool, powered by our research partners SoundOut, our methodology puts creativity in the spotlight to create distinctive and communicative brand sound.

Benchmark your brand and values against 1000s of commercial hit records.  Built with the input of over 500,000 consumers.

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Our Process.

We believe there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to composing brand sound.  However, our flexible creative and production processes give brand managers maximum input while allowing our creatives the freedom to do what they do best.

To learn more about audio & music branding, or our process, give us a call.