An exciting new production album release from A-MNEMONIC. ‘Percussive Adventures’ explores the world of rhythm.
From tribal beats to organic sounds, the album is full of energetic drumlines and rhythmic sounds to create a range of moods.

Composed by Adrian Leung.

Percussive Adventures A-MNEMONIC Music Production London


Cups of Coffee


Slices of brown toast


Recording sessions



Say Goodbye To Winter Blues (and your social life) – Winter Love Island Is Here!

Do One Winter! Winter Love Island starts 12th January 9pm ITV2 #loveislandtheme

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A-MNEMONIC compose the Sound of TalkTalk

A-MNEMONIC have created the unique musical Sonic Identity for TalkTalk – to be used across all of their advertising. With...

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“Born Beautiful” song written for bubu skincare

A-MNEMONIC have been commissioned to write the song “Born Beautiful” for the launch of new beauty brand ‘bubu skincare.’ Marianne...

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