A-MNEMONIC Music Scores Big with ‘Rob Beckett’s Smart TV’ Theme on Sky Max

A-MNEMONIC Music are excited to unveil their latest masterpiece: the theme tune and musical identity for the electrifying new show “Rob Beckett’s Smart TV” on Sky Max.  With composers Andrei Basirov and Toby Jarvis at the helm, the composing duo have crafted a soundtrack that perfectly encapsulates the show’s fast-paced energy and comedic flair.

Partnering with Talkback Productions, a Fremantle label, renowned for hits like “Never Mind the Buzzcocks,” “Rob Beckett’s Smart TV” promises to be a riotous celebration of television’s magic.  Hosted by the incomparable Rob Beckett and featuring the quick-witted banter of team captains Josh Widdicombe and Alison Hammond, the show is set to take viewers on a whirlwind journey through the small screen’s most iconic moments.

Drawing inspiration from classic hip-hop beats, Basirov and Jarvis concocted a mix with plenty of “swagger” – tough, rough, and undeniably cool.  The result is a simple yet infectious riff that captures the essence of “Rob Beckett’s Smart TV” – short, sharp, and punchy. Whether you’re a fan of comedy, quiz shows, or just good old-fashioned fun, this is one show you won’t want to miss.

So mark your calendars and tune in to Sky Max for the premiere of “Rob Beckett’s Smart TV.”  Get ready to laugh, groove, and celebrate the magic of television like never before.

🌟 The Martin Lewis Money Show Returns with a Bang! 🌟

In its 13th season, the unmistakable A-MNEMONIC ‘ear-worm’ theme tune and music branding are back to draw you into the mood of the show.

Our favourite financial guru, Martin Lewis, is on fire as he dishes out brilliant money-saving advice every week on ITV1. 

With infectious energy he shares top tips, the latest in energy news and savvy advice on maximising your cash. Get ready for another season of financial wisdom that’s bound to hit the bullseye with audiences! 

The show receives ratings of 3 to 4m viewers, and most weeks heads the top 10 current affairs show ratings in Broadcast magazine.

Get ready for the sizzling premiere of ‘Love Island All Stars’ on ITV1!

Our iconic music branding takes centre stage once again. The theme tune and catchy snippets have become the unmistakable heartbeat of the show, making it one of the most recognisable and instantly associated signature themes across the 20 territories that produce their own versions.

Dive into the Love Island All Stars, where the game-changing twist is that all the singles are seasoned veterans of the show. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotion as they navigate familiar territory, and this time, sparks might fly among those who already share a Love Island history!

Prepare to welcome back some familiar faces in the latest cast. These Love Island alumni bring a whole new level of drama and entertainment that audiences won’t want to miss! 🔥🏝️

#LoveIslandAllStars #TVPremiere #MustWatch

🎶 A-MNEMONIC and ABBA Magic on ITV1’s “Mamma Mia! I Have a Dream”! 🎶

A-MNEMONIC unveils new arrangements of iconic ABBA hits for the sensational ITV1 show, “Mamma Mia! I Have a Dream.” 🌟

Commissioned for a musical makeover, A-MNEMONIC has orchestrated and recorded twelve contemporary arrangements that set the stage ablaze each show, during the song and dance numbers. Loosely inspired by the beloved movies, this audacious audition show chronicles the journey of sixteen, aspiring actors as they vie for the coveted lead roles in the West End Musical ‘Mamma Mia!’

Each week a panel of judges makes nail-biting decisions, eliminating one couple at a time until the electrifying live final. The suspense builds, the performances soar, and in the end, the triumphant Sky and Sophie will seize the spotlight for their West End debut. 🎭✨

The show averaged an audience of 1.5 million during the evening, reaching a high of almost 1.9 million. ITV also expects the number to rise due to the common-place use of streaming platforms, which has affected viewing habits in recent years.

🌈🕺💃 #MammaMiaDream #ABBARevival #MusicalMagic

A-MNEMONIC produce sonic logo as part of the new brand positioning for the organisation Which?

A-MNEMONIC was approached by advertising agency Brave Spark to develop a sonic logo for the renowned organisation Which?, as part of their brand repositioning efforts.

The core of the campaign revolved around the compelling message: “Get Answers.”  The aim was to inspire individuals to seek the answers they needed for all of life’s questions.  In line with this brand refresh, Brave Spark engaged A-MNEMONIC to create a sonic logo that could be seamlessly integrated across various platforms.  The sonic logo was intended to convey a moment of realisation, akin to a lightbulb moment, evoking a sense of optimism and instantly recognizable as Which?.


After an extensive period of development and workshops, A-MNEMONIC successfully crafted a sound that embodied a moment of clarity—a resounding “AHA” that reflects the overwhelming relief customers experience upon finding the answers to pressing life questions.  This sonic logo effectively represents the immense relief associated with finding the answer using Which?

The Launch

With a comprehensive range of over 130 campaign deliverables spanning ATL and digital placements, the new Which? sonic logo serves as a distinctive audio signature at the end of all their original content, including podcasts, video materials, and advertisements featuring audio elements.

National Television Awards Nominations

We are delighted to announce that three TV shows, for which A-MNEMONIC has produced the theme music, have received nominations at this year’s National Television Awards! These outstanding shows include Love Island, The Martin Lewis Money Show, and our very own arrangement of the Never Mind The Buzzcocks theme.

This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our talented team who have worked tirelessly to create captivating and memorable theme music for these shows. We are incredibly proud to be associated with such acclaimed television programs.

To vote for your favourite TV shows, please visit the following link: https://lnkd.in/dnekRHG

Never Mind The Buzzcocks gets an A-MNEMONIC music update

A-MNEMONIC have updated the Music Theme, as part of the rebranding of Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

The renowned comedy show has returned to Sky with brand new host Greg Davies. Returning to the show, Noel Fielding is a team captain opposite Daisy May Cooper, with Jamali Maddix featuring as a regular guest.

Each week the host and team captains are joined by a roster of top music and comedy stars to compete against each other. Viewers can expect the unpredictability of the original series, with some of the best known and loved rounds remaining, alongside some new surprises thrown in along the way.

Redknapps Big Night Out

Music theme produced for ‘Redknapp’s Big Night Out’

A-MNEMONIC were asked by Sky One and Expectation to produce a music theme ‘with a wall of attitude’ – for the new Father-and-son duo Harry and Jamie Redknapp topical sports-come-chat show ‘Redknapp’s Big Night Out’,  on Sky One.

Following the success of their ‘Redknapp’s Home Fixture’ last May, the father-and-son duo have reunited with comedian Tom Davis for the new six-part topical sports-come-chat show, which airs on Sky One and TV streaming service NOW.

A-MNEMONIC Dominates Saturday Night Prime Time TV producing Music for both ‘I Can See your Voice’ and ‘Game of Talents’

A-MNEMONIC has gone head to head and produced both the music themes and music branding package for ‘I Can See Your Voice’ on BBC One, and ‘Game of Talents’ on ITV.

I Can See Your Voice is hosted by Paddy McGuinness who is joined by celebrity investigators Jimmy Carr, Alison Hammond, and Amanda Holden.

Each week the celebrities, joined by a special guest, will help a team of two players tell the difference between good and bad mystery singers, without ever hearing them sing a note.

Then over at ITV, you can watch ‘Game of Talents’ – branded ‘the most judgemental TV show’ and presented by Vernon Kay in the new seven-part series which features eight different performers every week, each showcasing their own talent.

There’s one big catch though – contestants in the studio and viewers watching at home have no idea what those talents are and have to make a prediction based on the performer’s appearance.