How does sonic branding work?

Decoding the Influence of Music in Brand Perception

What is sonic branding?

Sonic branding is music or sound that carries the emotional attributes – the ‘feeling’ of a brand via your ears, to the brain of the listener, or consumer. As a result, they feel good and associate that feeling with the brand.  It’s easily memorable.  We know what it means.

What actually happens cognitively? 
  1.  The listener clearly understands the brand’s feeling and emotions communicated..  
  2.  It triggers recall –  we remember it.
  3.  We correctly attribute what we’re hearing.  We know what it means, where it comes from and what it’s asking of us.
  4. This emotionally locates and primes our audience (or consumers, or listeners) in a short time.  Sometimes in a very short time!
What outcomes should I expect?

Expertly conceived, written and produced, distinctive sonic branding will achieve these outcomes:
Increased brand attribution and foster deeper emotional connections with consumers, ultimately resulting in increased sales.

Audio Branding and Sonic Branding – What’s the difference?

Well, not much.  Radio broadcasters tend to refer to audio imaging.  A term we love.
In TV entertainment we call it theme tunes.
Brands and advertisers tend to refer to it as audio branding or sonic branding or sonic identity  Our preference is brand sound.  It covers most uses.They all do exactly the same thing:

How long should sonic branding be?

There are no rules. The sonic branding with the most impressive recall stats is Disney’s When you wish upon a star’.  It’s 45 seconds!  However we only need to hear a tiny fraction of that melody, 2 or 3 notes, and we know exactly what it means.

The McDonalds whistle is 3 secs. is similar.  Theme tunes tend to be 20 secs.  

Successful sonic branding has to work hard.  You should only need to hear it twice to understand, remember and correctly attribute what you’ve heard.  It should not rely on repetition.  The human brain can remember anything if repeated enough.  That’s expensive.  

If your sonic branding is smartly thought through and produced, it’ll ooze integrity and authenticity.  And of course live rent free, in your consumers heads!

🌟 The Martin Lewis Money Show Returns with a Bang! 🌟

In its 13th season, the unmistakable A-MNEMONIC ‘ear-worm’ theme tune and music branding are back to draw you into the mood of the show.

Our favourite financial guru, Martin Lewis, is on fire as he dishes out brilliant money-saving advice every week on ITV1. 

With infectious energy he shares top tips, the latest in energy news and savvy advice on maximising your cash. Get ready for another season of financial wisdom that’s bound to hit the bullseye with audiences! 

The show receives ratings of 3 to 4m viewers, and most weeks heads the top 10 current affairs show ratings in Broadcast magazine.

Get ready for the sizzling premiere of ‘Love Island All Stars’ on ITV1!

Our iconic music branding takes centre stage once again. The theme tune and catchy snippets have become the unmistakable heartbeat of the show, making it one of the most recognisable and instantly associated signature themes across the 20 territories that produce their own versions.

Dive into the Love Island All Stars, where the game-changing twist is that all the singles are seasoned veterans of the show. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotion as they navigate familiar territory, and this time, sparks might fly among those who already share a Love Island history!

Prepare to welcome back some familiar faces in the latest cast. These Love Island alumni bring a whole new level of drama and entertainment that audiences won’t want to miss! 🔥🏝️

#LoveIslandAllStars #TVPremiere #MustWatch

🎶 A-MNEMONIC and ABBA Magic on ITV1’s “Mamma Mia! I Have a Dream”! 🎶

A-MNEMONIC unveils new arrangements of iconic ABBA hits for the sensational ITV1 show, “Mamma Mia! I Have a Dream.” 🌟

Commissioned for a musical makeover, A-MNEMONIC has orchestrated and recorded twelve contemporary arrangements that set the stage ablaze each show, during the song and dance numbers. Loosely inspired by the beloved movies, this audacious audition show chronicles the journey of sixteen, aspiring actors as they vie for the coveted lead roles in the West End Musical ‘Mamma Mia!’

Each week a panel of judges makes nail-biting decisions, eliminating one couple at a time until the electrifying live final. The suspense builds, the performances soar, and in the end, the triumphant Sky and Sophie will seize the spotlight for their West End debut. 🎭✨

The show averaged an audience of 1.5 million during the evening, reaching a high of almost 1.9 million. ITV also expects the number to rise due to the common-place use of streaming platforms, which has affected viewing habits in recent years.

🌈🕺💃 #MammaMiaDream #ABBARevival #MusicalMagic

The Guardian Podcasts Shine at British Podcast Awards

The Guardian’s daily news podcast, “Today in Focus,” has achieved top honours with a Gold award at the 2023 British Podcast Awards, for the Best News and Current Affairs Podcast – reaffirming its status as a leading voice in the world of podcasting.
Alongside this achievement, The Guardian’s innovative sonic branding, created by A-MNEMONIC, has drawn attention for its success in elevating the overall podcast experience.

In addition to receiving the prestigious Gold Award in the News and Current Affairs category, “Today in Focus” also claimed the Silver Award in the Best Daily Podcast category.

The British Podcast Awards, an annual celebration of outstanding British podcasts, pays tribute to both independent creators and established names, highlighting the best offerings in the ever-expanding podcast landscape.

The Gold award was accepted by Today in Focus presenters Iqbal and Safi, saying: “There’s so much competition in this space and everyone in our team tries their guts out. We know this show is really good and to get some recognition of that is very rewarding for us and for everyone who works on the show.”

Katharine Viner, Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian, expressed her enthusiasm for the victory, stating, “This award is absolutely deserved. Since its inception in 2018, ‘Today in Focus’ has consistently stood out with its deeply researched journalism, which draws from The Guardian’s global network of reporters. It is complemented by superb production, sound design, and the outstanding hosting duo of Nosheen Iqbal and Michael Safi.”

The Guardian’s triumph at the British Podcast Awards and its successful collaboration with A-MNEMONIC, underscore the publication’s dedication to delivering exceptional content and creating immersive experiences for its audience.

The A-MNEMONIC sonic branding report 2023.

We’ve now released our first-ever Sonic Branding Report.
An academic analysis of the latest thinking, ideas, stats and arguments.
This is only available for advertisers, brands, and broadcasters.

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This report is aimed at anyone working for brands, their advertisers, marketers and strategists alike. Particularly those who find talking about, or quantifying their use of music perplexing. It doesn’t need to be that way!

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‘The Games’ on ITV receive an A-MNEMONIC music makeover

A-MNEMONIC have produced the music package for the new ITV sporting show ‘The Games.’

The Games took over ITV’s 9 pm slot every night for a week in Early May 2022.

Holly Willoughby, Freddie Flintoff, and Alex Scott present The Games where twelve celebrities take on several sporting activities. One of them is crowned the competition’s winner at the end of the week.

The show originally aired for three seasons on Channel 4 from 2003 until 2006, however, ITV rebooted the show with a new line-up of famous faces.

After undergoing several weeks of intense training, the celebrities go head-to-head in athletic, swimming, gymnastic and cycling events to earn medals.

At the end of the week, the male and female contestants with the most medals will be crowned the 2022 champions

A-MNEMONIC create new audio branding for Getir with Neverland Agency

A-MNEMONIC have created a music branding package for Getir – the app-based home delivery service. The first time Getir has embarked on such a wide-reaching audio branding exercise.
Getir identified the need for a ‘characterful brand sound’ to be used across all their media assets worldwide. Together with agency Neverland, they commissioned A-MNEMONIC to create a sung mnemonic, ownable and unmistakably attributable to Getir, that anyone could sing, whistle, hum or mimic… and work in any language.

Getir, founded in Turkey in 2015, operates in more than 50 cities in its home market, and has expanded over the past year into eight other countries, including the UK and US.
A big player in the UK’s fast-growing rapid delivery market, Getir aims to bring groceries to customers in as little as 10 minutes.
Getir (the name means “bring” in Turkish) offers customers a selection of some 2,000 grocery items, ordered online and delivered to your door within minutes – at any time of day!

The A-MNEMONIC music team went through various stages of brainstorming and creative workshops, working with various composers, musicians and singers. The final result was a sung mnemonic using the strapline ‘You’ve Got It – Getir’.

Getir Mnemonic

A-MNEMONIC produce the new Audio Branding for The Guardian Podcasts

Despite being the leading commercial podcast publisher in the UK, The Guardian has only recently turned their attention to the task of branding their podcast offering

Over 15 million people in the UK listened to podcasts in 2020, with the figure set to rise by a cool five million in the next four years. That’s a lot of listeners! 

For The Guardian, A-MNEMONIC worked with the idea outlined in the brief: reflecting The Guardian’s core values and the concept of ‘diverse voices in conversation’. 

Besides creating a sonic identity for the suite of podcasts, A-MNEMONIC also had to search and cast for five male and female voices that could veritably represent the sound of contemporary Britain.

A-MNEMONIC Dominates Saturday Night Prime Time TV producing Music for both ‘I Can See your Voice’ and ‘Game of Talents’

A-MNEMONIC has gone head to head and produced both the music themes and music branding package for ‘I Can See Your Voice’ on BBC One, and ‘Game of Talents’ on ITV.

I Can See Your Voice is hosted by Paddy McGuinness who is joined by celebrity investigators Jimmy Carr, Alison Hammond, and Amanda Holden.

Each week the celebrities, joined by a special guest, will help a team of two players tell the difference between good and bad mystery singers, without ever hearing them sing a note.

Then over at ITV, you can watch ‘Game of Talents’ – branded ‘the most judgemental TV show’ and presented by Vernon Kay in the new seven-part series which features eight different performers every week, each showcasing their own talent.

There’s one big catch though – contestants in the studio and viewers watching at home have no idea what those talents are and have to make a prediction based on the performer’s appearance.