A-MNEMONIC Music Scores Big with ‘Rob Beckett’s Smart TV’ Theme on Sky Max

A-MNEMONIC Music are excited to unveil their latest masterpiece: the theme tune and musical identity for the electrifying new show “Rob Beckett’s Smart TV” on Sky Max.  With composers Andrei Basirov and Toby Jarvis at the helm, the composing duo have crafted a soundtrack that perfectly encapsulates the show’s fast-paced energy and comedic flair.

Partnering with Talkback Productions, a Fremantle label, renowned for hits like “Never Mind the Buzzcocks,” “Rob Beckett’s Smart TV” promises to be a riotous celebration of television’s magic.  Hosted by the incomparable Rob Beckett and featuring the quick-witted banter of team captains Josh Widdicombe and Alison Hammond, the show is set to take viewers on a whirlwind journey through the small screen’s most iconic moments.

Drawing inspiration from classic hip-hop beats, Basirov and Jarvis concocted a mix with plenty of “swagger” – tough, rough, and undeniably cool.  The result is a simple yet infectious riff that captures the essence of “Rob Beckett’s Smart TV” – short, sharp, and punchy. Whether you’re a fan of comedy, quiz shows, or just good old-fashioned fun, this is one show you won’t want to miss.

So mark your calendars and tune in to Sky Max for the premiere of “Rob Beckett’s Smart TV.”  Get ready to laugh, groove, and celebrate the magic of television like never before.

🌟 The Martin Lewis Money Show Returns with a Bang! 🌟

In its 13th season, the unmistakable A-MNEMONIC ‘ear-worm’ theme tune and music branding are back to draw you into the mood of the show.

Our favourite financial guru, Martin Lewis, is on fire as he dishes out brilliant money-saving advice every week on ITV1. 

With infectious energy he shares top tips, the latest in energy news and savvy advice on maximising your cash. Get ready for another season of financial wisdom that’s bound to hit the bullseye with audiences! 

The show receives ratings of 3 to 4m viewers, and most weeks heads the top 10 current affairs show ratings in Broadcast magazine.

Get ready for the sizzling premiere of ‘Love Island All Stars’ on ITV1!

Our iconic music branding takes centre stage once again. The theme tune and catchy snippets have become the unmistakable heartbeat of the show, making it one of the most recognisable and instantly associated signature themes across the 20 territories that produce their own versions.

Dive into the Love Island All Stars, where the game-changing twist is that all the singles are seasoned veterans of the show. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotion as they navigate familiar territory, and this time, sparks might fly among those who already share a Love Island history!

Prepare to welcome back some familiar faces in the latest cast. These Love Island alumni bring a whole new level of drama and entertainment that audiences won’t want to miss! 🔥🏝️

#LoveIslandAllStars #TVPremiere #MustWatch

🎶 A-MNEMONIC and ABBA Magic on ITV1’s “Mamma Mia! I Have a Dream”! 🎶

A-MNEMONIC unveils new arrangements of iconic ABBA hits for the sensational ITV1 show, “Mamma Mia! I Have a Dream.” 🌟

Commissioned for a musical makeover, A-MNEMONIC has orchestrated and recorded twelve contemporary arrangements that set the stage ablaze each show, during the song and dance numbers. Loosely inspired by the beloved movies, this audacious audition show chronicles the journey of sixteen, aspiring actors as they vie for the coveted lead roles in the West End Musical ‘Mamma Mia!’

Each week a panel of judges makes nail-biting decisions, eliminating one couple at a time until the electrifying live final. The suspense builds, the performances soar, and in the end, the triumphant Sky and Sophie will seize the spotlight for their West End debut. 🎭✨

The show averaged an audience of 1.5 million during the evening, reaching a high of almost 1.9 million. ITV also expects the number to rise due to the common-place use of streaming platforms, which has affected viewing habits in recent years.

🌈🕺💃 #MammaMiaDream #ABBARevival #MusicalMagic

The Guardian Podcasts Shine at British Podcast Awards

The Guardian’s daily news podcast, “Today in Focus,” has achieved top honours with a Gold award at the 2023 British Podcast Awards, for the Best News and Current Affairs Podcast – reaffirming its status as a leading voice in the world of podcasting.
Alongside this achievement, The Guardian’s innovative sonic branding, created by A-MNEMONIC, has drawn attention for its success in elevating the overall podcast experience.

In addition to receiving the prestigious Gold Award in the News and Current Affairs category, “Today in Focus” also claimed the Silver Award in the Best Daily Podcast category.

The British Podcast Awards, an annual celebration of outstanding British podcasts, pays tribute to both independent creators and established names, highlighting the best offerings in the ever-expanding podcast landscape.

The Gold award was accepted by Today in Focus presenters Iqbal and Safi, saying: “There’s so much competition in this space and everyone in our team tries their guts out. We know this show is really good and to get some recognition of that is very rewarding for us and for everyone who works on the show.”

Katharine Viner, Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian, expressed her enthusiasm for the victory, stating, “This award is absolutely deserved. Since its inception in 2018, ‘Today in Focus’ has consistently stood out with its deeply researched journalism, which draws from The Guardian’s global network of reporters. It is complemented by superb production, sound design, and the outstanding hosting duo of Nosheen Iqbal and Michael Safi.”

The Guardian’s triumph at the British Podcast Awards and its successful collaboration with A-MNEMONIC, underscore the publication’s dedication to delivering exceptional content and creating immersive experiences for its audience.

We’re 10 years old!

We launched A-MNEMONIC Music at Cannes Lions exactly 10 years ago.  Founder and MD Toby Jarvis looks back at the summer of 2013.
“I had left my previous job the day before and was due in Cannes the next day. With no phone or business cards.  Just passion and enthusiasm. I knew what A-MNEMONIC could become. However, less certain how to achieve it.
The only place I knew that could design and print business cards overnight was ProntaPrint, just off Trafalgar Square. I pitched up at around 10 pm and thought of a company name in about 3 seconds.  They ran off a batch of purple cards so I could take them to Cannes the next day.
I had built a recording studio 6 months before, at a huge expense, and only needed a final injection of cash to get it all up and running properly. I didn’t know how to start a business. I had no idea if we’d win any clients. It seemed like the most terrifying gamble you could take.
Within a few days from our return from Cannes, we had a company registration number, a VAT number, a lawyer, an accountant, – and a tiny office, at the very top of the Windmill Theatre in Archer St. Our little space had previously been used as the ‘exotic dancer’s’ dressing room. The decor hadn’t been touched since Paul Raymond’s days in the 60s. Very seedy.
That week, we had our first job. ITV were updating their ‘This Morning’ show and we were called in to ‘refresh and update’ the theme music.
Amazing how time has whizzed by so quickly.
In the 10 years since, we’ve worked with many smart and talented clients, brands, agencies, marketeers, producers, directors, animators, musicians, voices, singers and composers. From all over the world. We’ve had our share of challenges and setbacks too. No train wrecks. Yet. In addition to the 2,432 music tracks we’ve produced, our team have chalked up 5 marriages, and 6 babies.
We have the same enthusiasm and passion now. The biggest buzz for us is collaborating with amazing people – experts in their craft and producing great work. Technology continues to evolve around us. It has always been an integral and exciting part of our journey, and will undoubtedly continue to shape our future.
Unfortunately, we’re not in Cannes this year, too much going on here. Happy birthday to us!”

A-MNEMONIC produce sonic logo as part of the new brand positioning for the organisation Which?

A-MNEMONIC was approached by advertising agency Brave Spark to develop a sonic logo for the renowned organisation Which?, as part of their brand repositioning efforts.

The core of the campaign revolved around the compelling message: “Get Answers.”  The aim was to inspire individuals to seek the answers they needed for all of life’s questions.  In line with this brand refresh, Brave Spark engaged A-MNEMONIC to create a sonic logo that could be seamlessly integrated across various platforms.  The sonic logo was intended to convey a moment of realisation, akin to a lightbulb moment, evoking a sense of optimism and instantly recognizable as Which?.


After an extensive period of development and workshops, A-MNEMONIC successfully crafted a sound that embodied a moment of clarity—a resounding “AHA” that reflects the overwhelming relief customers experience upon finding the answers to pressing life questions.  This sonic logo effectively represents the immense relief associated with finding the answer using Which?

The Launch

With a comprehensive range of over 130 campaign deliverables spanning ATL and digital placements, the new Which? sonic logo serves as a distinctive audio signature at the end of all their original content, including podcasts, video materials, and advertisements featuring audio elements.

National Television Awards Nominations

We are delighted to announce that three TV shows, for which A-MNEMONIC has produced the theme music, have received nominations at this year’s National Television Awards! These outstanding shows include Love Island, The Martin Lewis Money Show, and our very own arrangement of the Never Mind The Buzzcocks theme.

This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our talented team who have worked tirelessly to create captivating and memorable theme music for these shows. We are incredibly proud to be associated with such acclaimed television programs.

To vote for your favourite TV shows, please visit the following link: https://lnkd.in/dnekRHG

The A-MNEMONIC sonic branding report 2023.

We’ve now released our first-ever Sonic Branding Report.
An academic analysis of the latest thinking, ideas, stats and arguments.
This is only available for advertisers, brands, and broadcasters.

We break dense, often-inaccessible scholarship down into manageable chunks and discuss them informally. Second, we build on existing scholarship alongside recent data in order to make our own suggestions about where sonic branding may be heading next…

This report is aimed at anyone working for brands, their advertisers, marketers and strategists alike. Particularly those who find talking about, or quantifying their use of music perplexing. It doesn’t need to be that way!

Register your interest here

Can You Generate a Completely AI Produced Song?

A-MNEMONIC’s Toby Jarvis explores whether artificial intelligence can truly create music that emotes, and has personality and believability.

Having watched the rise of artificial intelligence – both during the creative process and, with the listener or consumer, things are getting interesting.

Is it possible to generate an utterly AI-produced song? Not only the lyrics but the chord structure, the melody, all the band member’s instruments – and the lead singer?

Alan Turing experimented with computer-generated melodies in 1951, David Bowie with randomised lyric writing and many, many others since have used AI to augment their creative/ recording process.

There are a plethora of artificial intelligence, prose, lyric and songwriting tools out there. Some are unnervingly clever. There are chord progression, and melodic generators too. They suggest any number of chord sequences and musicologically solid routes forward.

I’ve been using a ‘virtual drummer’ for ages. It obediently plays along while you’re working out ideas, it’ll follow your tempo perfectly, and even decide on where to correctly play any fills.

There are hundreds of programmes like Riffer, which will endlessly generate melodies or arpeggios or rhythms. Given you dictate the key/tempo and sound, these many programs are still very much under the creative control of the composer.

The only AI programme we found to generate anything near 100% original was ‘Melobytes AI Song’. However, scoring high with creative originality it scored very low in how it sounded. Terrible!

For singing voice generation, we sometimes use Emvoiceapp. You input the melody, either by picking it out with one finger on a keyboard or inputting the notes on a grid. You then type in your lyric text, then choose one of four pre-set voices. Press enter and… Bingo! Well, sort of. One of the voice options sounded like a really pissed-off Cher. One of the male voices sounded quite creepy. No character, spark or believability. We sometimes use it to work out backing vocal harmonies, in advance of the singer doing it for real.

All these creative aids have become standard use in music creation. However, all require significant human input and judgement. None of these everyday tools can create anything like original music. Yet. It’s still down to the writer.

If a particular song has been successful, machine learning can be used to scan existing models and create new versions. Lately, AI-penned (or modelled) songs have come into their own. Indeed there is a top 10! In most cases, the lyrics are written using predictive text. Artist, “Botnik” used predictive text 50% trained in Morrissey lyrics, and 50% in Amazon customer reviews!

However, aside from the lyrics, these ‘tribute’ songs are based on an existing artist’s lyric style and sound. They’re all sung by humans with human people playing. Not truly AI-generated.

So, is it possible to generate a completely AI-created song? Just input your desired mood, and the emotions you want to hear and feel.

You say to Alexa: “Make me a track in the style of the Beatles, Swedish House Mafia, Beethoven with a 10% of dubstep, oh and it’s rainy and a robot took my job today. Please create a song that fits that criteria for me.”

Some production music libraries are heading this way – Soundraw, Jukebox and Amper are a few. However, they seem to rely on vast amounts of pre-recorded (and pre-composed) audio.

Because AI has to be pre-programmed with options to create specific musical pieces, it often produces music that is predictable. Desperately bland and characterless. Because it is essentially governed by an algorithm. It doesn’t feel believable.

An audience will listen or engage with music if it emotes, and has personality and believability. As far as I can see, pure AI music creation can’t do this yet. Not by a long way.