Artificial Intelligence Statement July 2023

We recognize the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) as a powerful tool to enhance elements of our production and creative processes. However, we are committed to upholding ethical practices and respecting copyright and intellectual property rights.

Our Approach:

    • Originality: All the work we create at A-MNEMONIC Ltd is original.  We do not use AI to replicate or imitate copyrighted material, ensuring that our compositions are authentic and legally compliant.
    •  Responsible AI Usage: We utilise AI technology as a supportive tool within elements of our production and creative processes.  We may use AI to aid us in, exploring musical possibilities, and enhancing our efficiency, without compromising our commitment to originality.
    • Copyright and Intellectual Property: We have a deep respect for copyright and intellectual property rights. A-MNEMONIC Ltd strictly adheres to applicable copyright laws and regulations. We will not use AI to infringe upon or plagiarise the creative work of others. Our AI usage is solely focused on enhancing our own original compositions.
    • Collaboration and Human Expertise: While AI may play a role in elements of our production process, it is always in collaboration with our skilled team of human experts.  We believe that the best results are achieved when AI is combined with the artistic vision, expertise, and emotional intelligence of our composers, producers, and musicians.
    • Transparency and Accountability: We are committed to transparency regarding our AI usage. We regularly review and evaluate our AI tools and practices to ensure they align with our ethical standards. If any concerns or issues arise, we take immediate action to rectify them and continuously improve our processes.
    • Continuous Learning: A-MNEMONIC Ltd stays informed about the latest developments and best practices in AI technology and its ethical implications. We actively engage in ongoing education and professional development to ensure that our AI usage remains ethical, responsible, and aligned with industry standards
    • Copyright data generated by A-MNEMONIC:  Our data is not used for training AI/ML models or large language models.  Data is used solely for the purposes authorised by clients and A-MNEMONIC Limited..

By integrating AI into elements of our production and creative processes responsibly, A-MNEMONIC Ltd aims to leverage its benefits while upholding our commitment to originality, copyright compliance, and ethical practices. We strive to create memorable and impactful musical compositions that resonate with our clients, advertising agencies, and audiences alike.