Via a live 20 min zoom call.

Everything you need to think about, to help your “brand sound” achieve these outcomes:

  • Increased recognition and attribution
  • Deeper emotional connection with your target market
  • Building long term brand preferences (and increased sales)

A-MNEMONIC Music invites  you or your team to a free, short 20-minute ‘Sonic Branding Masterclass’ via Zoom.  We’ll arrange a date/ time to suit you. 

If your team is starting to think about sonic branding, successfully: this is for you!

We’ve condensed our huge knowledge, experience, (and chart topping successes) into a 20 minute zoom call which we’d love to have with you and/or your team.

Our founder Toby Jarvis will whizz you through everything you need to think about:

  • How sonic branding works, both biologically and psychologically.
  • The latest sonic branding research and how others in your sector are utilising it.
  • How we produce personality/ attribution maps of a brand – and translate that into original music and sound!  Very useful for aligning clients and stakeholders.
  • Finally we’ll take you through, and demystify, the strategy – creative – and production processes.

Phew.  All in 20 mins.  If you have time after that we can take any questions and chat. Just reply to our email and we’ll fix a time.